Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monkey Mia to Kalbarri

We're packed and ready to go by 7:30. Ranger says no dolphin feeding until later, so having had my 1 on 1 experience the day before, M & U agree that we can skip the 'circus' and head to Hamelin Pool to see the stromatolites and have morning coffee. Today's destination is Kalbarri, where we plan to spend 2 nights and have a day trip into the Murchison River gorge.

Hamelin Pool / Telegraph Station is about 30km short of the main North South highway and we make good time. Sun is shining and there are signs of spring wild-flowers on the road side.

Celeste & I had visited Hamelin Pool to view the stromatolites a couple of years ago. But that was at the end of summer and it was hot, dry and dusty. The weather today is much milder, and the bush is looking fresh and full of colour, despite the depredations of feral goats.

As we are checking out the stromatolites from the viewing platform, we hear the distinctive sound of an approaching helicopter. Sure enough it's Richard & Carolyn – dropping in on their way south to Perth.

We offer them coffee and cake and adjourn back to Hamelin Telegraph station. 

I'm forced to remind Marco & Ursala that we have a fair distance to cover today, and that we need to make tracks. Contact details are exchanged and farewells made. Richard & Carolyn say they may stop off at Kalbarri, but if they do, it will be well away from the town somewhere remote in the bush.

As we progress south, there are more and more wild flowers visible on the road side. By the time we reach the Murchison River rest area, we are starting to see signs of farming, with fields of what looks like winter wheat ready for harvesting. The road into Kalbarri is through the national park and here the wild flowers are everywhere. We find a camp site in town at the caravan park and confirm our booking for tomorrows canoe trip. A 7:45am pick up so it will be an early night tonight.

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