Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hamelin Station to Monkey Mia

A little light drizzle overnight – a reminder that we have left the dry tropics! Much cooler at night these days – there was even some ice left in the cooler bag!

Quick breakfast then off to Denham and Monkey Mia. Overcast and cool, but by the time we get to Monkey Mia the sun is breaking through. The resort is as I remember it – commercial. Lots of bus loads of tourists. Lots of backpackers and camper vans.

I wander about while M & U set up their tent. While I'm on the beach I notice a helicopter landing behind the dunes about 1/2 km further up the bay. I'm reminded of our short flight over the Bungle Bungles and how a helicopter would be a great way to see Australia.

While I'm setting up my tent and M & U go for a wander, I notice a couple (about my age) standing next to our bikes and giving them the once over. This is not uncommon, and the bikes often provide a great way to talk to complete strangers. I wander over and introduce myself. They're from Sydney and bike riders. Did you ride here I ask? No they say, we came by helicopter. We're parked just down the beach.

Amazing! Turns out that Richard and Carolyn spend their time flying into remote parts of Australia to take photographs. In fact – I've seen some of Richards work on exhibition at the National Library in Canberra.

We chat for a while and agree to meet at sundown in the pub for drinks.

An afternoon swim and as I'm watching some people down the beach pointing to some dolphins, when Marco calls and points out that we are being stalked by a dolphin and pelican in tandem. The dolphin does a 360 degree loop around me – no more than 2 metres away, and the pelican follows behind, hoping to pick up some scraps. Magic moment!

Late afternoon we adjourn to the beach side restaurant for drinks and free WiFi. The drinks are good but the WiFi is woeful! On a couch next to us two young guys are enjoying a bottle of wine and being served a plate of something that looks good. I ask them what it is. They turn out to be Jason (manager Food & Beverage) and Nick ( Assistant Manager) of the Monkey Mia Resort. It's their day off and they insist we join them . They tell us all about life working at Monkey Mia. Richard & Carolyn arrive in time for sunset. We enjoy a pleasant meal together and Richard tells us how he has ended up flying his Eurocopter helicopter around Australia's wild places taking amazing photographs.

To bed with a plan to rise early and pack up before checking out the Dolphin 'circus' at 7:45.


  1. I wanna experience this kind of adventure. Hope so.

  2. Wow, sounds like some really special experiences ...