Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Broome Rest Day.

The plan had been to fit a new rear tyre to Ursala's bike. This had been arranged from Darwin and was ready. Only problem was that now her front tyre was showing serious signs of uneven wear and as there was no tyre suitable in Broome, it would have to be shipped in – a two day delay!

We spend the morning wandering around 'Chinatown' – the touristy part of broom. Lots of shops selling pearls and aboriginal art. While I was parking my motorcycle in the shade another bike (Triumph Tiger) pulls up for a chat. The rider – Ken, is an Aussie resident in New Zealand who is also doing a circuit of OZ. He's just finished doing the Gibb River road and has taken the day off to recover. He ends up in the same caravan park as us.

Afternoon is passed sitting in the shade and swimming in the pool in the caravan park. I've arranged to catch up with Tom N, who has just started a new job based in Broome with the Kimberley Land Council. Marco & Ursala have dinner with Ken at a local Thai restaurant. After Tom & I have a couple of ales at a local watering hole, he takes me back to his house for a home cooked meal. Coral Trout!
Tom is clearly happy with his new job, and excited about the future. I hope his enthusiasm lasts and that things work out for him.

I've decided to abandon M & U while they wait for the tyre and head south with Ken. So I don't linger at Tom's place. Early to bed and have agreed with Ken where we should head for tomorrow.

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