Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Edith Falls to Big Horse Creek Camp Ground

The temperature dropped off overnight and we had a cool evening for a change. The moon was full – a Blue Moon, so sleeping in the tent without the fly was like sleeping under floodlights.

Another early start to avoid the heat of the day, and also to allow time in Katherine for a visit to the supermarket. Temperature was already in the high 20's by the time we left Katherine and hit the Victoria Highway. We had been told that this stretch of the road offered a bit more variation in terms of scenery, and we were not disappointed. The countryside around Victoria Roadhouse, where the highway crosses the Victoria River was spectacular. So was the Victoria River itself.

Lots of animals encountered on this stretch. Mostly cattle. Marco had a 'waltz' with a wallaby that couldn't make its mind up which way it wanted to go, while I had a couple of close encounters with stray cattle.

Passed through Timber Creek and camped 10km further on at the Big Horse Creek camp ground in the Gregory NP. Not the most salubrious of camp sites – hot, dry and dusty with very little shade, but we have been spoilt by places like Edith Falls. Although the camp ground is on the banks of the Victoria River, any thoughts of having a swim were soon dispelled by the sighting of a croc in the river. 

Still the bird life was plentiful, with a sighting of Crimson Finches in the tall grass on the river bank. Also plenty of male Great Bowerbirds performing various 'party tricks' trying to impress potential partners.

The camp site also contained a number of large Boab trees, which at this time of the year are completely leafless. They present a strange sight and remind me of the Baobab trees common in the northern parts of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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