Monday, September 24, 2012

Kalbarri Canoeing

Davo (our guide for the day) arrives at 8am driving a small 4WD bus with 10 people all up.

The drive to Kalbarri Gorge confirms that we would not have done it on the bikes. The road (about 25km each way) is badly corrugated and full of loose sand.OK on knobbly tyres on a trail bike, but not heavily laden tourers.

After visiting both viewing areas and admiring the profusion of wild flowers, we drive down a closed road to the edge of the gorge and scramble down to the river below.

A short walk along the bank brings us out at a wide pool with a high sandy beach where the canoes are parked. After a quick swim and a briefing from Davo on the does and don'ts we set off on our paddling. There is no current to speak of and the river is already starting its annual process of drying out. We have a couple of km's of river to paddle backwards and forwards on and generally enjoy the scenery. We stop on the bank under the shade of a gum tree and have a leisurely lunch as we watch other paddle backwards and forwards.

A last paddle back to our starting point followed by a more 'adventurous' route back to the top of the gorge and our bus. A good day of R & R. Tomorrow we continue south on our slow approach to Perth. The weather will determine our final destination, as the forecast is for showers. Tomorrow will tell.

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  1. Barb & Chris de BruineSeptember 25, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    Hi Bill,

    Good to hear of your travels. We didn't go into Kalbarri Gorge, but have visited many of the spots you've been to. Good to keep us posted. The SW corner of WA is worth a visit. Check out the Tingle trees and, of course the Karri trees. Not sure where you're headed next, but I don't think you know either! Happy travels, Barb & Chris.