Wednesday, September 19, 2012

House Creek Rest area to Exmouth / Ningaloo

After our hardship camp site at House Creek, we were looking forward to the Nanutarra Roadhouse. Perhaps a second breakfast - scrambled eggs on toast and coffee? Thoughts like this spurred us on as we set off to cover the 60 km to the main highway. A pleasant ride through the fresh morning air. Nanutarra Roadhouse was a great disappointment. Anywhere that puts bars on their washbasins to prevent you from filling your water bottle is clearly a place to be avoided. Scrambled Eggs on toast? That'll be $15.75 please! Forget it!
So we limit ourselves to filling up with the most expensive fuel to date – almost $2.00 a litre – and press on towards Exmouth. Our destination for today.

The countryside again slowly change as we approach the coast. Scrubby savannah, gives way to red sand dunes, gives way to flat coastal scrub. As we hit the Exmouth peninsular road and turn north again, the temperature is climbing into the now customary high 30's. However, as we approach Exmouth, a breeze springs up and the temperature plunges to very pleasant 26 degrees! What bliss!

We arrive at the visitors centre and are advised that all the national park camp sites are full and that if we want to camp there, we will have to front up at 7am in the morning and queue for any that become available overnight. Crazy! We opt instead for a commercial caravan park right at the tip of the Exmouth peninsular just below the old lighthouse. After 3 nights in Karijini + another dusty night at the House Creek rest area hot showers and a camp kitchen with refrigeration and power are an attractive option – even if it costs us $40 a night.

We are planning to spend a few days here, hopefully get to see the Ningaloo reef and maybe do some snorkeling.

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