Saturday, May 18, 2013

Travel day - Kas to Cappadocia - Celeste

6 am pick up in Kas for 2 hour drive to Dalaman airport. Roads deserted.
9am flight to Istanbul.
2 hour wait for flight to Cappadocia at 12.30
1.5 hour flight, then 1 hour drive to Goreme, the central town in Cappadocia.
Arrived 4.30 pm at Stone House Cave Hotel. Appears to be up to our expected standards.
Marathon traveling day, many kilometres covered.
Yet another surprise at the stunning room in 300 year old ex Hittite cave - a real cave room - some hotels here aren't in real caves.
Late afternoon stroll to scope out the town, light dinner & drink at Aussie hang out.
Big day tomorrow, need to be ready at 4.30 am for hot air balloon ride!

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