Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yallingup Day Trip


So – another damp day. Strong gusty winds and squalls as another front passes over the region.
Marco and I braved the conditions and did some local sightseeing.

I wanted to go to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, but as a Whitefella Sacred Site, we were not allowed to approach it without coughing up money. Bugger that – all we want to do is look at the view – which - because of the weather - was obscured by cloud and rain. We waited out one of the heavier showers before heading back down the coast, picking up some food and returning to our lodgings for lunch.

After lunch, just as an afternoon nap appeared to be the order of the day, the skies cleared, so we donned our wet weather gear and set off again. This time heading south along Caves Road. By the time we got to Canal Rock, the weather was closing in again. We then headed further south to Moses Rock where there was a cave we could investigate without having to go through a gate in a fence and cough up more money. (We're getting sick of this Whitefella Sacred Site business, where everything of interest is fenced off and access is only available to those who grease the palms of the gatekeepers. It never used to be like this!)

A scramble up some dunes and through some scrub and we were at the cave site. The entire length of the coast from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin is riddled with limestone caves like this.

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