Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bunda Cliffs Lookout to Penong.

The night was windy but clear, up at dawn to view the cliffs again before packing and hitting the road. The wind increased to strong and gusty and was out of the south, which continued for the rest of the days ride. The ride would have been pleasant but for the wind, which required constant attention, especially when overtaking slower traffic, or when a road train passed in the opposite direction. We had hoped to reach Ceduna tonight, but stopped at Penong – 70 odd kilometres west of Ceduna. Camp in the local caravan park and dinner in the pub. Tired but happy now that we have crossed the Nullarbor.
Tomorrow after Ceduna, M & U will decide whether to come with me down to the Eyre Peninsula via the Flinders Highway (the scenic route), or to stay on the Eyre Highway and press on to Port Augusta before heading up to the Flinders. We shall see.

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  1. So that's where Penong is! I'd never really heard of it until recently. Knew it was in SA and guessed it was remote but didn't know where - and hadn't got around to looking it up. I guess Spring is windy no matter where you are?