Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rest day in Winton and a visit to the Dinosaur Stampede National Monument. Aug 14

So we were picked up at 7:30 am by Michael driving the small 4×4 tour vehicle from Vision Splendid Tours. Only 7 guests including the 3 of us. A young english couple who were working at the hotel and another older couple. Apparently 2 no shows.

Tour is basically from Winton to the Dinosaur Stampede National Monument via a diversion to 3 viewing points from the rim of the jump-up country. Morning tea was provided.

On to the Dinosaur Stampede National Monument.

I love these 1 off  purpose built architectural indulgences.
The actual rock strata containing the tracks are astonishing and the odds of such an event being preserved for us to gawk over must be truly astronomical.

My pics cannot do justice to them. So here is a link to their website.
Better still - go have a look yourself!
Lunch was provided by the tour operators. Beef stew and rice with fresh damper. Salad for those so inclined. The damper was very good and there were Anzac biscuits for dessert!

Back to Winton to sit out the remaining afternoon heat in the pub. Time for a shower then back to the pub for dinner.

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