Thursday, August 3, 2017

Palmer River Roadhouse to Cooktown. Thurs Aug 3rd

Delightfully cool overnight, which always helps make sleeping easier. Awoken at dawn by a sound that took me straight back to Africa - the cackling of Guinea Fowl. A flock scavenging for a morning feed....
Back on the road for the short (110km) run into Cooktown. Dropping down from the tablelands starting at the Byerstown Range Lookout.
More great riding as we leave the tablelands for the coast. Lots of 1st grade twisty road. Empty of traffic for the most part, with 110km speed limit sections.

Past the turn off to Bloomfield and the Lions Den Hotel ( may take a detour on the way out) another scenic stop to view the Black Mountains. A series of exposed hills covered in large granite boulders stained black by lichen.
Cooktown for a late morning coffee at Caspers Cafe looking out over the Endevour River.
Camping at Penisula Caravan Park. It has a great shady camping area under giant paperbark trees. I'd overnighted here back in 2012 after my solo ride up the Bloomfield Track from Daintree. Back then I'd shared the large camping area with 2 other motorcyclists. Now - another sign of the times - by 3pm it is standing room only. Heaps of other campers in 4WD's with camper trailers.... Such is progress.

Tomorrow is another rest day. We will take in the local sights and sounds and do a short ride up the coast to Endevour.

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