Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cappadocia Day 1

So - 4:15am start - pre dawn - pre even the early morning call to prayer. The sacrifices we make in our pursuit of pleasure.
Cappadocia must have a legitimate claim on being the ballooning capital of the world. Every morning - whenever weather permits - 100 plus balloons take to the dawn skies, each with a basket full of tourists. An astonishing logistical feat. An astonishing sight.
Fifty minutes spent floating above the bizarre landscape of Cappadocia before we are told to 'brace for landing' and we are once more on Terra firma. My second balloon ride & Celeste's first.
Back to the hotel for breakfast and then off on a tour.
1. A panoramic view of the valley where the town of Goreme is located.
2. Visit Uchisar Castle - the highest point in the area and a strategic site surmounted by a hollowed out mountain converted into a fortress.
3. MANASTİR VADİSİ Monastery Valley - a site created by early Christians, carving small churches and dwellings into the soft rock. Being Saturday the place was swarming tourists. Still - fascinating!
4. Lunch in Uranos an underground restaurant that was a combination of theme park and industrial catering.
5. The compulsory (no obligation to buy) visit to a local ceramics workshop. A demonstration of  traditional techniques and the final 'exit through the gift shop'. Cynicism aside - there was a lot of truly magnificent pieces on display. So far - of all the traditional crafts we've seen in Turkey, the classic Ottoman and Islamic style pieces have impressed us the most.
6. A final stop on the way back to the hotel in another bizarre landscape to view yet more astonishing rock formations.
Finally back in the hotel for a shower before drinks and dinner on a rooftop terrace overlooking Goreme. A fabulous end to a fabulous day.
Hopefully more of the same tomorrow.



  1. Too much, too much. I'm going into overload just reading it. Love the Banksy ref - very appropriate.

  2. Looks like the sort of place and landscape I'l love ... except I'd probably prefer to see it all from terra firm!

  3. Oh dear, excuse the typos above, but you know what I mean!