Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 8 - Arthur's Pass -> Sheffield -> Mt Hutt -> Geraldine -> Fairlie

281 km - 3 Hrs : 31 mins

An unhurried start from AP. Slow breakfast with two cups of coffee. We waited for our host Geoff to arrive by bus from Christchurch before saying our goodbyes, and thanking him and his resident woofers for their hospitality.
Once again the weather gods smiled on us and we rode down from AP in sparkling conditions. On either side of the road stunning views opened up in all directions. Mighty valleys and soaring snow capped peaks. Plus yet another A+ riding road. Will this pleasure never stop? Each day's riding has been better than the day before!

Stopped at the World Famous Pie Shop in Sheffield for lunch before retracing part of our route out of Christchurch from 7 day before. Time flies when you're having fun!

Turned back towards the interior and the high country at Geraldine, making for Fairlie where we found a very comfortable and quiet caravan park.

Another great day! Tomorrow we'll continue south towards Invercargill where we plan to meet up with Ursala on Sunday afternoon.

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