Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 13 - Mossburn Park -> Lumsden -> Waimea -> Waikaka -> Heriot -> Raes Junction -> Milton -> Dunedin

Another typical cold clear Otaga night! A beautiful cold clear morning with mist rising and clearing as the sun rose. Very heavy dew meant a delayed start as we waited for the tents to dry.
Heading for Dunedin today, where we can stay with friends of M & U.
Cross country on some back roads through rich farming country. A brief period back in fog/mist before emerging again in bright sunshine.
Lunch in the hamlet of Waikaka in a small park next to the ubiquitous ANZAC memorial.
Back on the main road at Rae's Junction and a quick blat down to the east coast at Milton.
The final ride up the coast and into Dunedin on one of New Zealand's 3 motorways!
Very strong winds in Dunedin. Afternoon coffee in town. Dunedin is similar to Hobart/Cape Town, with the harbour surrounded by hills.
City architecture very distinctive with strong Scottish influence. Statue of Rabbie Burns dominates central square. Dating back to 1887, it was the first public statue erected in Dunedin.
Large student population with many foreign students providing a cosmopolitan air.
Dinner with our hosts Roera and Debbie at an excellent Mexican Restaurant. Our shout! Best Mexican food I've ever had. Yucatan fish.... Yum!
Good food, good company and after dinner a quick twilight tour. Signal Hill giving us a great view over the city.
M & U get the spare bedroom! I make do with my sleeping bag on the lounge carpet!

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