Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 12 - Kiosk camp -> Milford Sound -> Te Anau -> Mossburn Park campground.

240km - 3hrs : 16min

Kiosk campsite is in a deep valley, so sunrise was late! 10am by the time we got on the road - bound for Milford Sound.
Fantastic final 50km up the valley, through the tunnel and down into Milford. Stunning ride - especially if the weather is good. Milford averages 6.7 metres of rain per annum! Seriously wet - but not today!
A quiet day in Milford - not many coaches. We watch a few of the cruise ships depart, the sound of the commentary drifting over the water. Back to the Blue Duck Cafe for an early lunch. They somehow manage to 'forget/loose' half our order. A free second round of drinks and coffee goes someway to rectifying the situation.
Fuel up 'Siegfried'. The RT1100 is somewhat thirsty in comparison with the other 2 bikes. A thirst not helped by a small fuel tank. I seem to be refueling twice as often as M & U!
Back up from Milford to the tunnel and on back down the long winding valley to Te Anau, pausing at Kiosk so M & U can have a swim. This one I sat out!
Te Anau for afternoon coffee & refuel then on to Mossburn Park, a private campground on the road between Te Anau and Queenstown.
Lovely campground, quiet and open. A great sunset is a fitting finale to another grand day!
Tomorrow we'll head west towards Dunedin.

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