Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 6 - Otto's Cnr -> Hokitika -> Greymouth -> Punakaiki -> Charleston.

236km - 3hrs : 3min

A reluctant departure this am. First from a beautiful campsite, also because we will be splitting up for a few days. Farewells made, Ursala headed south and we head North.
Hokitika for morning coffee. A town I remember from the tour I did with Celeste some years ago. Good views back toward Mt Cook, shrouded in its usual cloak of cloud.

Greymouth for lunch in a quiet park then on to Panakaiki to view the rock formations and blow hole. Superb route along the coast north of Greymouth, some of the best riding to date.

We stop some 20 km short of Westport at a small private campground in Charleston. Meet up with a couple of old rock climbers, who have fled the bad weather on the east coast to do some rock climbing on the sea cliffs. They show us a route down to the beach and a clifftop where we watch the sun set.

Another good day!

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