Saturday, July 15, 2017

Woody Head to Upper Coopers Creek via Lismore. Sat 15th July

Dawned clear and bright. Breakfast overlooking the beach at a very pleasant grassy picnic area next to the campsite. Thank you NSW National Parks!

Packed and ready to leave by 9:30, only 130km ride today so plenty of time for another brew with Paula and Jock.

Up the highway to Woodburn then the backroad to Lismore across the Richmond River floodplain - much more pleasant riding than the highway.

Early lunch in Lismore, a couple of calls including birthday greetings to Llyris who unfortunately had to work on her birthday.

Last leg to UCC to Llyris's place. Lovely ride, with even the last gravel stretch in good nick. Lulled into a false sense of security we headed up Tickles Road, pausing on the causway to "feel the serenity". Our serenity was shattered round the corner on the final approach to Llyris's concrete strips. Ursala was following behind me and lost her bike in a washout on the side of the road. A slow speed tumble that resulted in a damaged ego and a bent gear shift lever.

After recovering the bike with the help of a neighbor Dave who was emerging from his driveway and quick agreement that attempting the washed out concrete strips up the steep driveway was foolhardy, we unloaded our gear from all the bikes. Dumped the panniers etc outside the neighbors gate,  parked the bikes safely off the side of the road and walking the last 75 metres to Llyris's place.

Shower, load of washing, cup of tea, a trip down to pick up some essential gear. We now await Llyris's return from work so we can use her car to recover the panniers etc.

Then we can have a feed, some celebratory wine and relax.....

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