Friday, July 21, 2017

Kenilworth to Gayndah via Gympie. Frid 21 July

After a more than a week on the road, we are settling into old familiar routines. Having spent months together riding around OZ and NZ we are comfortable with our individual ways and habits.

Woke at 5 for a toilet call. Waning crescent moon and bright morning star hung low on the eastern horizon. The splinters of starlight above were reflected on the frosty/dewy grass underfoot. The silence of the pre-dawn broken only by a distant barking dog.

I was glad to return to the warmth of my sleeping bag - dozing until the 1st rays of the sun struck the walls of my tent.

Up and billy on the boil for tea. Start soaking my muesli and commence the job of breaking camp. There is a definate sequence to packing the bikes and getting ready to ride. An optimal approach that ensures everything is in its place and secure for the duration of the ride.

Wet dew laden tents are the bane of our mornings and wherever possible we pitch them in a position where they will catch the morning sun. Ideally by the time we've had breakfast and emptied and packed the contents of the tents, they will have started to dry out.

Today we took the back road into Gympie where we stopped for the days provisions. An unavoidable stint on the Bruce Highway with its traffic load, before we were able to head back inland for Gayndah. Again perfect riding conditions. The countryside now drier and more open. Still plenty of undulating twisty bits to keep us amused.

Coffee break at Fat Hen Creek rest area.

Picnic lunch at Tansey where we joined the Burnett Highway.

Our cheese and salad rolls were enhanced with tomato relish bought from the farmhouse next to the picnic table.

Had to search out somewhere to spend the night in Gayndah. The caravan parks were less than salubrious and the free rest area outside town was right on the highway. Fortunately Ursala's online research revealed that the old railway station had been converted into a museum and it had a small area avalable ostensibly for self contained RV's only. However Des - the last station master in Gayndah - now retired and a volunteer at the museum gave us special dispensation to camp. Perfect!

Tomorrow on to Theadore - which has a special connection to Canberra!

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