Thursday, July 13, 2017

Black Stump to Uralla via Werris Creek. Thursday 13th July

The tranquility of our peaceful rest area, was shattered by the arrival of a truck and trailer combo at about 9pm. By the sound of the motor and the one sided mobile call we overheard, the rig was having problems.

Morning and truck driver Rob appeared full of apologies for having disturbed our peace. His pollution control electronics were playing up and he would have to wait for the diesel mechanic to appear from Tamworth. 2 hours drive. We gave him a brew and a biscuit which went down well.

Usual breakfast routine, pack, farewell Rob the truckie and hit the road. Across the Liverpool Plains - always a great stretch of road - to Werris Creek and morning coffee break.

To Tamworth  where Marco picks up some chain lubricant and a quick supermarket visit for lunch ingredients.

Up the Armidale road to Moombi Hill and lookout. Stopped here many times over the years. Always reminds me of the Zimbabwe Ruins. Great Zimbabwe

On to Uralla to camp $10 per person with hot showers.
Dinner at the top pub and early to bed. Another cold night in prospect. Tomorrow down to the coast!

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