Monday, July 17, 2017

UCC to Woodenbong via Kyogle. Monday 17th July

The 16th - being my birthday - was a designated "rest" day at UCC. Spent the day catching up with friends & neighbors.  Showed MandU around our place and after they headed back to Tickles Rd, I had coffee with Nick & Johanna next door. Lunch with Jenny then a walk back to Llyris's place on Tickles Rd.

Group dinner down at Byron with Llyris picking up her friend Doreen at Ballina airport. Very pleasant meal reminiscing about days past, old friends and misspent youth.

Back up to the hills and to bed in preparation for todays ride.

Up at 8 - slack. Breakfast and a car shuttle of our gear down to the bikes. Away by 10:30, Corndale, The Channon, Tuntable Falls and Nimbin. Slow but great riding with views  in all directions.

Then the scenic route to Kyogle via the Mt Warning rim. Truely beautiful countryside, with a unique topography.

Kyogle for petrol & lunch. Heading in the general direction of Warwick, but an online search reveals that Woodenbong - what a great name - has a small community operated campsite.

More great riding and a perfect small campground. Cheap @ $5 per person with $1 hot showers. Quiet grassy area to pitch tents and a large well appointed communal kitchen.

Bonus Tawny Frogmouths next to the campsite.
Great shot Marco!

Beer & pre dinner snacks. Mexican beans and rice with fresh passion fruit for desert. Time to catch up with this blog before a cup of  tea and then to bed.

Tomorrow? The Bunya Mountains NP beckons.......

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