Monday, July 24, 2017

Middlemount to Seaforth. Mon July 24th

Almost exactly 5 years later - 1 day earlier - we arrive back at Seaforth campground.

Slept well thanks polaramine. Bad ant bite on my knee just before retiring. Lignocaine salve to ease the pain. Polaramine to relieve the large hive that developed. Bonus was I slept thru till 4am until woken by a full bladder.

Warmer night, but still plenty of dew in the morning.

After refueling in Middlemount - at $1.60 per litre for premium - most expensive fuel to date - back on the road. Long 1st ride before morning coffee. 154km to Nebo. Coffee break commenced with Marco's bike having a "rest". Uneven ground plus removing a pannier from 1 side resulted in it tipping over. Only minor scratches to his crash bars. Ego more impacted than machine. So now we are all square. My "incident" in Cowra on day 1, Ursala's "off" on Llyris's driveway, and now Marco's "unfortunate event" at Nebo.

Nebo coffee break. Site of the "unfortunate event".

Exotic palm Nebo

Lunch at Marian, a small sugar milling town on the outskirts of Mackay. So often we find a small ANZAC memorial park for a quiet lunch spot.

And so on to Seaforth, an easy 120km ride. One of our favourite campsites back on the 2012 round OZ trip. We were concerned that it may have suffered from the last cyclone that so devastated Arlie Beach, just up the coast. Fortunately it was just as we remembered it. No obvious cyclone damage - just more  Grey Nomads than last  time! Even found our old spot with one of the few picnic tables.

Tents pitched, some clothes washing done, beers purchased, hot showers had. Time to relax, check the view out to the Whisundays and prepare a light evening meal.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Time to catch up on some more washing, minor work on the bikes (bleed my rear brakes, check and oil chains,  etc) and generally "chill" after all - we are on holiday.

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