Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Woodenbong to Kulpi via Warwick and Toowoomba. Tues 18th July

Morning packing resulted in major failure of tent. Main pole hoop snapped in multiple places. Poles had been repaired multiple times. Zip was also failing. Sign from above that it needed to be replaced. 7 years of good service, including 2012 BUM's tour round OZ where it had 4 months of constant usage.

So route was altered to take in Toowoomba. Google revealed the presence of multiple potential shopping sites. Anaconda, BCF and Kathmandu.

Pulling out of Woodenbung, my back brakes felt a little "spongy". Mental note to self. Check reservoir next stop.

Great route from Woodenbong to Warwick. Initially snaking along ridgelines and increasingly drier eucalyptus forest. Views to the south from various highpoints.

A roadside stop to check route allowed me to check my back brakes. Reservoir was almost empty and brake fluid was weeping from banjo joint on rear disk. Bummer! Possible it had got banged/loosened when I dropped the bike in Cowra on day 1?

Stopped in Warwick, picked up some brake fluid, tightened the banjo joint - it was slightly loose. Cleaned the weeping fluid from around the disk brake mount and filled the rear reservoir. Initially flummoxed by expanding rubber "bladder" in resevoir that appeared to fill it leaving no space for fluid. A quick stop at Yamaha agent and mechanic explained how the  "bladder" was designed to expand and fill the resevoir at the fluid level fell. Push it up and hey presto, it collapsed into itself!

On from Warwick to Toowoomba, venturing out on to the wide open expanse of the Darling Downs. More traffic now we are back on the New England Highway.

Anaconda is on the highway into town and right next door to a supermarket. Discover they are selling tents at a 50% discount. Another sign from above!

Quick stop at supermarket for provisions then on towards the Bunya Mts National Park. Slow on highway between Toowoomba and Dalby with major roadworks. Turn off highway and follow backroads past Acland coal mine. A brief stop and discussion and we agree we are running out of time today. Map indicates small village of Kulpi is only a few km ahead. Turns out it consists of a pub, a grassy rest area with covered picnic table and clean toilets, plus a tennis court. Perfect stoping point.

Quick check of brakes shows no sign leaking - resevoir full. Brakes much improved, but still a little "spongy". Probably have air in system. Will need to be bled.

Tents erected then pre dinner drink at pub. Dinner, dessert, cup of tea followed by tot of whisky as a nightcap.

Tomorrow we will ride thru Bunya Mts NP. Maybe even give ourselves an early mark and camp there overnight.

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