Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mardugal Camp Site to Muirella Camp Site with day trip to Nourlangie Rock

A short ride to our next camp site. Muirella Park – which we will use as a base for a day trip to Nourlangie Rock.

After dropping our camping gear we head on to Nourlangie. This is a rock outcrop that features some stunning rock art. A short 1.5 km walk takes you through various rock shelters and art sites to a lookout with glimpses across the plains to the distant escarpment and the so called 'Stone Country'.

Although only mid-morning by the time we get there, the heat is already building. Fortunately the walk is through some shade trees and aroubd shaded rock shelters. At last we are starting to get a taste of the real Kakadu.

We return to Muirella camp site and sit out the heat of the day in what ever shade we can find.

Tomorrow we'll head for Merl camp site (via Jibaru), the East Alligator River and the famous Ubirr rock art site.

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