Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back on the road. Monday 6th August.

I'm typing this while sitting in the tent at Alligator Creek campground – part of the Bowling Green Bay NP. About 6km off the Bruce Highway and about 30km south of Townsville. Met up here this afternoon with Marco And Ursala who have spent the last couple of days couch surfing in Townsville.

Left Hamilton Island on the 8:45 ferry to Shute Harbour. Bike collected, re-packed all the gear, re-fueled and back on the road by 10:30 am.

It was good to be back on the road again after the sailing around the Whitsunday's. The sailing was great, perfect weather, and excellent company. Despite a number of us coming down with what appeared to be a 24 hour virus that disabled most of us over a couple of days.

The Whitsunday archipelago are astonishingly beautiful and provide a prefect backdrop to leisurely sailing. We spotted whales every day, dolphin, dugong, turtles, giant batfish that came right up to the boat to be hand fed, monitor lizards on the islands when we went ashore and heaps of birds.

Celeste & I had an extra couple of nights at the resort. After the sailing, being in the resort was like being is Disneyland!

Tomorrow Marco needs to stop off in Townsville to have the brake pads on his bike replaced. Although he'd had the bike serviced in Airlie Beach, they didn't have the correct size brake pads. So we'll head off early and have breakfast in town and stock up with provisions while his bike is sorted.

No mobile coverage here, so typing this up in advance and will upload when I can.


  1. Oh, the sailing sounds amazing Bill. Would love to see all those creatures so close. No seasickness or was it very calm up there?

    1. For most of us the highlight was watching a Dugong 'grazing' up and down the beach. Fantastic.

      Sea conditions were fairly calm. Depending on the tide and wind most of it was "plain sailing".

      A little motion sickness was felt by some of us, but this was exacerbated by a couple of us being struck down by some sort of 24 hour viral gastric bug early on. Once this had passed we were OK.