Monday, October 29, 2012

Troopers Creek to Peterborough

Packed and off to Horsham via Rose's gap. The plan had been to meet Jon there and then ride back down via the Grampians to the coast. As I was riding towards Horsham I realised that the smart thing would have been to meet back at Halls Gap – saving him many kilometres. Fortunately when I got to Horsham Jon rang and we agreed on the revised rendezvous. In Horsham I followed the advice of the local Tourist Information people and had a shower at the aquatic centre – a necessary after two days on the road and a strenuous bush walk.

Back to Halls Gap via the more direct route and met up with Jon for lunch at the NP HQ.

We then pressed on south to the coast, stopping in Port Fairy for coffee. The temperature dropped 5 degrees over the last couple of km's as we approached the coast. A chill wind blowing from the south. It still being early and despite Jon having done a far few km before meeting up with me – we decide to continue towards Port Campbell on the GOR.

Passed lots of bikes returning from Phillip Island and the moto GP. Started to worry that Accommodating may be tight, so stopped in Peterborough for the night.

Tomorrow we will complete the GOR and head for Melbourne. A few days earlier than I had planned, but looking forward to catching up with family.

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