Thursday, October 11, 2012

Perth and beyond

A day trip from my brother's place at 9 Inverell Green Carramar

A day trip east through the Perth hills to York and return via Mundaring Weir.

Perth to Yallingup

On the road again! At last I've left Perth.

It's been great catching up with the extended family in Perth, but it's well and truly time to hit the road. Bikes have been serviced, camping gear has been cleaned, washing has been washed. Golf has been played, beer has been drunk, art galleries have been visted and shops have been shopped. Enough of this idleness!

Marco & Ursala left yesterday for Yallingup and a 'holiday house / bush retreat' belonging to their friend Jonathan. We can stay here as long as we like, but the plan is to wait out the showers predicted for Saturday have passed and the last days of the school holidays end, before continuing on our merry way down to Cape Leewin and on round the coast to Denmark, Albany and Esperance.

We plan to use Yallingup as a base to explore this area. Tomorrow we plan to do a run out to Nannup and Balingup via some twisty roads!


  1. Have been otherwise engaged lately so much catch up with your blogs ... what a great time to be in that neck of the woods, though I suppose it is all old hat to you. Will we see any wildflower photos?

  2. We saw plenty of wildflowers north of Perth. Fewer down in the south so far. I think it's still a bit early in the season down here. Saw some flowering bushes in the forest on todays ride. Will try to remember to take some snaps and upload them. Thanks for the interest!