Monday, August 20, 2012

Leichardt's Lagoon to Terry Smith Lookout rest spot. Via Karumba.

Woke at 5 to the sound of rain. Dawned grey and overcast with intermittent light showers. Barely enough to settle the dust. Packed and headed for Karumba via Normanton. Karumba just a small fishing village overrun by tourists. Expensive, so we have coffee, a barramundi burger as early lunch, then head back down the highway to towards Cloncurry via the Burke and Wills roadhouse. Clouds soon clear and the temperature rises to a pleasant 30 degrees. Although it's Sunday they are working on the roads. Little traffic and we avoid encountering road trains on any of the narrow (single lane) sections.

Reach the lookout at about 4pm to find it already full of grey nomads. Set up our tents next to the picnic table but have to use rocks as the ground is to hard for tent pegs.

After unpacking the bikes Marco and I check all the tyres. Not good news. My rear tyre is almost down to the canvas. (To much high speed riding under load.) Marco discovers he has a piece of metal lodged in his rear tyre, so we will need to ride VERY slowly to Cloncurry an hope to fine tyres there. More likely we will have to press on to Mt Isa. (200km) Fingers crossed we can find something locally, otherwise we will have to wait while they are shipped from 'down south'!

Beautiful sunset to end the day. Another good one!

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