Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Edith Falls Rest Day

Edith Falls is a fantastic camp site. The best swimming hole I've encountered in a long time.
Started the short circular walk to avoid the heat of the day. The short walk takes you to the upper falls and swimming holes. Beautiful setting and a refreshing swim in the early part of the day.

The evidence is all around of how much water must flow through this gorge during the wet. The rocks are polished smooth and the flood debris is scattered high around the water course.

Back down to the camp site and the main swimming area. There is a lot of recent landscaping around the swimming area allowing for easy access for both campers and day trippers. I would imagine that during the height of the season the place could get pretty busy. However, this late in the year, the crowds seem to have passed and although the camp site is fairly full each night the swimming area is almost deserted.

If you're ever in the area a visit to Edith Falls is a must.

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