Monday, August 20, 2012

Cumberland Historic Site to Leichardt's Lagoon Camp site (20km short of Normanton)

Boring ride due west across the savannah. Not much traffic, but due to early start there are lots of wallaby on the road side. Care taken to distinguish between the wallabies and the ant hills. They are the same size and general colour. Watch for the twitch ears!

Stop at Croydon for coffee and some supplies. Call Celeste to tell her where we are and where we are planning to go. Also Leigh & Hez who are about to fly to Lord Howe.

Leichardt Lagoon camp site is 25 km short of Normanton. A private camp site on a station. $7 each with hot showers. Good enough!

After setting up camp, I head into Normanton for beer and to check it out. The place is dead – only thing open is the Pub. Locals advise that there will be no garages open tomorrow (Sunday) so we will ride to Karumba where fuel is available on Sundays.

Like last night, there are heaps of water birds on the lagoon next to the camp site. Mossies too!

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