Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alligator Creek to Murray Falls.

Tuesday 7th August.

Up and away early – pausing only to shoo the Brush Turkeys away from the bags as they attempt to examine everything that looks vaguely edible. The have the memory span of an earthworm, and return to the scene of the crime seconds after having been abused.

The plan was to drop Marco's bike off to have its brake pads replaced, then find somewhere to have breakfast and discuss our route. The plan comes unstuck when we find out the brake pads have not arrived.

We sooth our frustrations with an indulgent breakfast. Poached eggs with a hollandaise sauce with smoked salmon on toasted muffins, orange juice and coffee. Mmmm. We check out our options for tonight's stop and select Murray Falls NP as a good option. About 30 km north of Cardwell it will give us a total run for the day of about 240/250 km.

Townsville has a large peak of pink granite right in the centre of town. This same granite is found all along this stretch of coast, with flat tidal plains and estuaries interspersed with towering granite peaks.

A brief stop at the supermarket to stock up for the next couple of days and another coffee before we hit the road. Ingham for fuel, then on to a swimming hole on 5 Mile Creek just short of Cardwell. Perfect lunch spot off the highway and Marco & Ursala have a dip while I ring QLD National Parks to book a camp site at Murray Falls.

Last year when I'd passed though Cardwell, the countryside was still visibly scarred from the last cyclone. The damage is less obvious now, as trees have regrowth.

We pick up last minute supplies (pastries for afternoon tea, and orange juice and yoghurt for breakfast) in Cardwell before pushing on to Murray Falls.

Perfect camp site. Large open grassed area, with shade trees. Not to many people, and we have the pick of the place. Close enough to the falls to be able to hear them.

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