Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Edith Falls to Mardugal Camp Site Kakadu

Reluctant as we are to leave Edith Falls, Kakadu beckons.

Did I mention how hot it is? Temperature on the road has been between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius.
Even though we try and have an early start, by 10am it's already well into the 30's. A brief stop at Pine Creek to refuel and pick up some basic supplies. Before we press on. By the time we stop for lunch at Gungurul it's 37 degrees and fairly humid. The landscape is withered, dusty and dry. Evidence of fires and burn off's are all around. The air is filled with smoke and riding in the heat is oppressive, even with 'T' shirts soaked in water. We stop at Mardugal camp site for the night. Beside a billabong with plenty of shade and some grass it is a pleasant respite from the heat of the day. Only two problems, you can't drink the water (it's radioactive) and the mosquitoes at dusk are overwhelming.

We are beginning to wonder if Kakadu is such an attractive destination after all.

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