Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peterborough to Melbourne

So - up and off to Port Campbell for breakfast with Jon.

Found a cafe with excellent service, good coffee and a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs, on toast with mushrooms and tomato. (licks lips!)

We were still passing riders returning from Phillip Island and the Moo GP. Like us enjoying a fine days riding along the GOR.

Stopped at a couple of the tourist lookout spots along the way. More spectacular cliffs etc. This stretch of coastline is eroding at a rapid rate, with changes noticeable over the years. London Bridge in particular had experienced a massive collapse since I had last been here. Even the fabled 12 Apostles are being rapidly altered.

On towards Cape Otway - thankfully with most of the traffic heading in the opposite direction. This is truly one of the great motorcycling routes in the world. Detoured down to Johanna Beach - off the tourist route and deserted. Apparently it is used as an alternative beach to Bells for surfing competitions

Headed down to Cape Otway, dodging tourist vehicles that had stopped in the middle of the road on a blind bend to look at koala bears. Interesting area of eucalyptus die-back, with lots of dead and dying trees. Makes spotting the koalas easier!

Again at the Cape Otway lighthouse we are confronted with privitisation gone mad. Access to the lighthouse precinct is only possible by passing through the gift shop and forking out $18.50 per person. Jon & I declined, made our opinion known to the staff, and logged our objections in the visitors book. We were not the only people objecting - there were a number of others who - like us - just wanted to visit the cape and surrounds. They could keep their 'tour' of the lighthouse and 'museum'.

Back on the main road and after stopping in Apollo Bay for lunch and coffee, the final stretch of the GOR to Torquay. Another great ride.

The last stretch into Melbourne bypassing Geelong on the M1 Freeway was a depressing reminder of city traffic. Said goodbye to Jon at Jessie Street before head to L & H's flat on the other side of Coburg.

A few days of R & R here in Melbourne with family & friends before the home run to Canberra. If the weather is OK, I plan to take a route through the Snowy Mountains and have at least 1 last night under the stars......

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  1. Hey Hey...Love the old Honda 500 CX....brings back great memories......really nice ride for bopping round Europe