Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 4 - Warrumbungles NP to Moree

Wet wet wet!

It rained most of the night. We awoke to a very wet campground. Nothing worse than packing wet tents! A slow start, but at least the rain had stopped.
Despite the rain, the campsite at Warrumbungles is great. Hot showers and free gas cookers and BBQ's - All Power to the NSWP Parks Board!

Up the highway to Moree with lunch in Narrabri. Not the most exciting ride but concentration required when passing the Queensland bound trucks. Judging by the amount of standing water by the roadside and the flooding Namoi River at Narrabri - there had been plenty of recent rain!

At Moree we decide to seek shelter in a caravan park cabin. A wise choice.
An evening spent charging various appliances, uploading photos and GPS data and planning for the morrow.

Given the weather patterns, it looks like we shall be heading inland - hopefully to drier climes. St George, Roma and on to Carnarvon Gorge 600+ km up the road. Roads and weather permitting we'll take two days to get there. If the weather is good, we'll probably spend two nights at Carnarvon. Time and the weather gods will tell.

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  1. Not sure if this works - weather looks ok where you're heading.