Sunday, June 2, 2013

Farewell Portpatrick and Farewell Scotland

And so we reach the end of the 'Tour de Scotland'. Ten great days of riding and enjoying a truly beautiful country - despite the occasional 'blizzard'.
A sad farewell to Portpatrick - surely one of prettiest small harbours in all of Scotland. A sad farewell to J&C - most gracious of all hosts.
A quick blast up the highway (and occasional byway) back to Cupar and the return of my trusty mount. Posing for the requisite publicity shots, then delivered safely to my hotel near the airport.
The rest of the afternoon was spent sorting and repacking, catching up with email and watching TV coverage of the 'excitement' in Turkey.
Dinner at the hotel where I met Ben & Jo, a delightful young couple from Edinburgh having a weekend away from their kids courtesy of grandparents. They picked my Australian accent. They had been to OZ on a working holiday before they had children and were keen to talk about life in Australia. Ben's mother was born in OZ, and they are seriously thinking of migrating.
An after dinner single malt with my new friends - then to bed.
Posting this over breakfast. 12:00 noon flight to Istanbul - yet another adventure.

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