Sunday, August 6, 2017

Palmer River Roadhouse to Herberton. Aug 6th Sunday.

The briefest of showers overnight, barely enough to wet the tent. Dry in the am,  but overcast. Packed and on the road early.

Dead cow on roadside immediately we cross the Palmer River Bridge.  Lots of live cattle as well - difficult to spot as their hide colours blend so well with the brown grass and other roadside vegetation. Money to be made from genetically modifying cattle so that their skin colour is more obvious. Day-glo yellow or pink would be good!

Marco & Ursala stopped to offer help to someone who had broken down - blown motor. Large Toyota Land Cruiser towing a foldout camper trailer. No mobile coverage so we take their details and head for Bob's Lookout where the altitude might allow a mobile signal.

No joy so on to Mt Carbine Roadhouse and a public call box. Marco makes the call to RACQ.  In the meantime, we had noticed many BMW bikes heading north. At Mt Carbine about 30 Beemers pulled in while we were there. Part of the BMW 2017 Safari to Cape York. One of them volunteered to take a message back to the stranded motorists so they would know help was on its way.

Between Mt Carbine and Mareeba I counted another 75 beemers heading north. Huge group with support vehicles etc.

Mareeba Coffee Works for early lunch. Coffee as excellent as I remember it.
Atherton Woolies Supermarket for supplies and on the Herberton and the Wild River Caravan Park.

Still overcast and threatening rain, but looks like clearing from the west.... which is where we head tomorrow....

Good news - Ursala got a txt msg from the stranded motorists. They got our msg relayed by the BMW Safari riders and had been rescued by the RACQ recovery truck....

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