Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coral Bay to Hamelin Station

We decide that 1 night in Coral Bay is enough. There are places we want to see before heading for Perth. Kalbarri for one.
Our initial plan was to head towards Monkey Mia and overnight at one of the free roadside rest areas. (Edaggee Rest Area). About 80 km south of Carnarvon. 

On route to Carnarvon, we cross the Tropic Of Capricorn - officially leaving the tropics. Despite a stiff breeze the weather is noticeably cooler - making for far more pleasant riding.

Carnarvon is on the banks of the Gascoyne River ( The longest river in WA and a so-called “upside down” river. It is used to irrigate land on either side allowing for crops such as bananas and tomatoes.
After a lunch stop in Carnarvon, where we had to negotiate serious road works and detours just to get to the supermarket. Fish & chips for lunch then back on the road. We reach Edaggee Rest Area by 2pm. The camp site is less than attractive. It's right next to the highway, with no shade trees, and lots of dust and rubbish. As we still have plenty of daylight we press on after the mandatory coffee brew. This time heading for Hamelin Pool at the Shark bay turn off - an extra 150km.
The countryside has a weird beauty despite its bleakness.
We make Hamelin Homestead by 4pm - a great spot for an overnight. This is an old pastoral lease that hace converted the old shearing quarters into accommodation with some camping areas close by. A good place to spend the night before heading up the peninsula towards Denham and Monkey Mia.
We discover that some of the other 'guests' staying at Hamelin are part of a wedding party. Some had flown in and landed on the homestead airstrip. others had driven up from Perth.


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