Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Surat to Takarakka Carnarvon Gorge

Chilly start. Cold enough to stop one of the gas burners from lighting! 

Despite our best efforts at optimising departure packing, it still took 2 hours from wake up to getting on the road. Not good enough, more practice clearly required.

Stopped in Roma for fresh food supplies for next two days. Having discovered that our stainless steel mugs don't fit in the special cup holders on our borrowed chairs and also dissipates heat rapidly in cold mornings, we also went looking for insulated lidded mugs that would fit our requirements.

Camping shop and Woolies had some, but we balked at the $. The Reject Shop came good with mugs that although not fully insulated, met our sizing limitations and had good secure lids. At $1 each we felt we'd happened on a winner!

Coffee at what passes for a hipster hangout in Roma, refueled the ute and scored some ice. Then onwards to Carnarvon Gorge.

The final road in has been upgraded and sealed for the last few km. Back in 2012 the last dirt 10km were wet and provided a challenge to us on the bikes. As if to underline the improved conditions, we passed a large tourist coach on its way out. I doubt it would have made it in 2012. Such ls progress

Tomorrow we'll hike up the gorge then spend another night beforehand our northward push to Winton.

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  1. No pics of the gorge?? I look forward to seeing how much under 2 hours you get it to next time!